Workshop Dates, Venue and Hotels

Dates: October 9-12, 2014


National Geographic Society

1145 17th St NW

Washington, DC


1) DoubleTree Hotel

1515 Rhode Island Ave NW

Washington, DC

2) Holiday Inn

1501 Rhode Island Ave NW

Washington, DC


Lisa Keys-Mathews updated their profile photo
Lisa Keys-Mathews updated their profile photo
"My first interest in learning progressions came about while working with K-12 teachers and trying to understand their students' learning potential. 
I believe that if I better understand learning progressions then I will be better able to help my Al…"
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"Hello All,
I'm Stacey Kerr, a PhD Candidate at the University of Georgia in the Department of Educational Theory & Practice. I look forward to meeting all of you next week! 
1. I first became interested in learning progressions through my exposure t…"
"Hi Kim and Standard 3 Working Group Members: I like Kim's idea about studying time and student thinking and spatial reasoning in this area. Researchers Levstik and Barton argue that young children can develop and use a sense of time (and learn histo…"
"Learning progressions interests me due to my prior work in science education research and I'd like to see how geography and science "cross borders" in this topic. I hope to gain new ideas and partnerships for future research and would like to see th…"
Sarah Coppersmith updated their profile photo
Sarah Coppersmith updated their profile
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"I have always been interested in education, ever since I was in kindergarten.  My life has taken several side trips but that interest never left me.  As I got closer to attaining my bachelors, my mentor (a Geographer) introduced me to learning progr…"
"Hi everyone,
I have been interested in learning progressions for the last 4-5 years.  My research focuses primarily on the ways in which spatial reasoning impacts learners' ideas about time in geoscience--both the geologic time scale and also the du…"
Michael Solem published an article
Herbert P. Ginsburg (2009) The Challenge of Formative Assessment in Mathematics Education: Children’s Minds, Teachers’ Minds. Human Development, 52:109–128.
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"First interest - likely developed when I observed my sons developing content knowledge and related skills
what I hope to gain - knowledge from others, an expanded network
Significant Challenge(s) - misconceptions - how to deal with them & how to dea…"
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